Thankful for our Cars, our Customers, and our Family!

Thankful for our Cars, our Customers, and our Family!

It’s November again and time to count the things we are thankful for! Here are 10 things that made our 10-Day Thankfulness Countdown at Quick-Set Auto Glass ...


#10 - Our annual car show!

There are many different reasons that people long for summer, but at Quick-Set Auto Glass, we swoon for June. Why? The annual car show! We firmly believe that an interest in cars can start at any age, and this show is a great way to bring enthusiasts of all ages together for an epic celebration. With good food, fun contests, and row after row of shiny, vintage vehicles, the car show is a pretty awesome way to spend a day and we hope to see you there next year!


#9 - Our super sales team!

If you're looking for friendly, trustworthy salespeople who will look out for your best interest, you've come to the right place! At Quick-Set, our customers are not just numbers, nor will they ever be treated as such, which is why we are so grateful for our sales team! This group takes customer service to the next level when it comes to maintaining current accounts and seeking new ones, and that means establishing relationships that will last for many years to come!


#8 - Our awesome auto glass facility!

If you have yet to visit us at our headquarters in Henderson, Colorado, feel free to stop on by! You’ll see right away that it’s a pretty prime location - would you look at that view?! Not only do we have plenty of space for our annual car show, we also get plenty of healthy, wholesome sunshine to be soaked up by our solar panels and converted into energy! Drop in if you’re ever in the area - we would love to show you around!


#7 - Our outstanding office team!

When it comes to administrative cogs and gears, our crew is a well-oiled machine! From scheduling and taking calls, to management and inventory auditing, you would be amazed at just how much goes on behind the scenes of a business! Our office team handles all of these tasks with ease and we very much appreciate all of the hard work that goes into every day!


#6 - All those that came before us ... the classics!

Whether you follow our page or attend our annual car show (or both), you know that our infatuation with classic automobiles runs deep. The distinct puttering of the engines, the glossy paint jobs and bright interiors … *sigh* … they just don't make 'em like that anymore! Luckily for us, the nature of our business allows for fairly regular opportunities to satisfy our classic car cravings!


#5 - Colorful Colorado, our beautiful state and home!

Quick-Set Auto Glass has been serving the good people of Colorado for more than thirty years now, and we we’re proud to call it home! Maybe we’re a little spoiled, but let’s face it ... cruising anywhere but here, in gorgeous Colorado, just doesn’t cut it. Can you imagine driving through the mountains in autumn without the fiery hues of the changing leaves? We need our purple mountains, lush trees, and annoyingly unpredictable weather to keep our souls happy! Everyone say it with us … “There’s no place like home!”


#4 - Our amazing customers!

When it comes to our success, we owe it all to you. For over thirty years, your loyalty and charisma has been our motivator to keep bringing you quality service at competitive prices. Plus, we should probably confess that you truly make our jobs fun! From celebrating with us at the annual car show, to trusting us with all of your auto glass needs, we are truly thankful for your continued support!


#3 - Our terrific tech crew!

Lifting, transporting, installing, and sometimes cutting all that glass can be quite a job, but our epic crew takes it all in stride! Quick-Set is all about safety for you and your passengers, and our auto glass experts are all certified to make sure that your vehicle is as safe as it can be. Our tech crew works hard, day and night, to provide exceptional service, and we are truly honored to call them Quick-Set family!


#2 - Our loyal fleet customers!

At Quick-Set Auto Glass, we take great pride in our ability to service or replace glass for vehicles of every shape and size, and we love them all the same! We are truly grateful for the fleet companies who have chosen us to take care of their auto glass needs. In fact, account holders for our fleet services have the ability to contact us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with same-day service availability!


#1 - Family.

As a family-owned company, we understand the irreplaceable value of family. You can rest assured that we will always put you and your family’s safety at the top of our priorities list, just as we would our own. More than just a business, we are grateful for our Quick-Set family, as well as the amazing opportunity to be a part of yours!

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