5 Drive-In Hacks

5 Drive-In Hacks

One of the unexpected benefits of the last year in a COVID world has been the re-emergence of drive-in movie theaters. Drive-ins are socially distanced, outdoors, and a nostalgic way to enjoy summer. Here are a few fun hacks to remember next time you go to a drive-in movie!

1. Bring Your Own Snacks

Unlike a traditional theater, you can bring your own food to drive-ins. Sure, there’s something fun about ordering from concessions, but bringing your own snacks will be healthier and save you money. Pack a cooler with drinks and bring a bag of popcorn or chips, or even ice cream treats, to enjoy with your movie.

2. Pack Seating

When it’s just two people going to a movie, sitting in the front seats of a car isn’t a big deal. However, when the whole family goes, the seating arrangement requires more thought. If you’re going to view out of the trunk of your vehicle, bring pillows or blankets to make the space comfortable. You might also pack folding chairs or camp chairs in case you’d rather sit outside of your car.

3. Protect Your Battery

Don’t get caught with a dead car battery. Remember to turn off your lights and anything else that’s not needed when you’re watching your movie. In addition, think about bringing a portable battery charger just in case. Similarly, plan ahead with electronics so you’re not relying on your car battery to charge phones, headphones, or tablets.

4. Go Early

Arrive early to seek out the best spot. Though being closer to the screen is desirable for some people, consider parking nearer the exit for less traffic and headache when you leave. Also, be mindful of leaving enough space between you and your neighbors; most drive-ins are still socially distanced for safety.

5. Bring a Radio

In the old days, drive-in moviegoers used to put speakers in their car window to hear the movie’s audio. Now, it’s a simple as tuning into their station. If you don’t want to drain your car battery by using its radio, consider bringing your own portable radio for audio.

We encourage you to get out this summer and enjoy the nice weather and beautiful sunsets Colorado has to offer. Going to a drive-in theater is a great way to do it, and socially safe. Just be sure you’re following mask regulations at the drive-in and maintaining social distancing. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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