5 Epic Organizational Hacks For Your Car

5 Epic Organizational Hacks For Your Car

There’s no doubt about it—the inside of your car can get pretty gross. Cleaning the exterior is pretty straightforward—wet, lather, rinse, dry, wax, shine up that glass for maximum visibility, and DONE!

The interior, however, is a completely different animal.

There are so many surfaces, crevices and different materials to worry about, plus you have to figure out where you put the extension cord for your vacuum … How and where are you supposed to begin such a tedious task?

Right here! We put together a list of 5 innovative car hacks to get you started ...


1. Silicone Baking Cups In Cup Holders

Silicone baking cups are a great way to avoid peeling paper out of your cupcakes, but they can also help your car cup holders stay clean! No matter what you store in them instead of cups, these are a great way to keep spills, grit and dust out of the hard-to-clean parts of your cupholder. They’re relatively inexpensive, heat-resistant, and the best part—they’re washable!


2. Plastic Cereal Container As Trash Can

Similar to house cleaning, the best way to start cleaning the inside of your car is to get rid of the clutter. Food and gum wrappers, drink cups, junk mail, store receipts, and more are very good at making their way under car seats and dark corners of the trunk. So, why not have a trash can to stop the spread before it starts? Plastic cereal containers make excellent trash receptacles in cars because they have lids, so they won’t spill if they fall over—plus they’re washable, too!


3. Mini Accordion File For Car Papers

You never know when you will need to have certain documents available, so it’s best to keep them handy! You should have your driver’s license wherever you go, so that can stay in a purse or wallet, but your vehicle registration and auto insurance information should remain in the vehicle. It’s a good idea to put them someplace safe (and where you will remember them), and a mini accordion file is a great way to keep everything organized. Plus, there are many different sections, so you can also keep track of things like tire rotation dates, oil changes, inspections, etc.


4. Laundry Baskets In The Trunk

This hack is so simple, but so great! How many times have you gone to the grocery store, painstakingly bagged every item for maximum support and security, and then cringed as the bags inevitably fell apart in your trunk on the way home? Well, no more! Try putting a laundry basket (or two) in your trunk and the next time you get groceries, they will have a corral to keep them from rolling all over your trunk! (If you’re feeling really creative, you can even put a muffin tin in the bottom of the basket for impromptu drink pickups requiring extra holders!)


5. Shoe Organizers For Other Stuff

Whoever designed those nifty, pocket shoe organizers that you can hang in your closet deserves a great big hug. They’re so useful! You can—of course—use them for shoes, but you can also hang them on the back of your car seat and you have pockets for your various chargers, sunglasses and sunscreen, kids toys, and more! Never again will you be forced to scrounge around on your carpet floor to retrieve lost items. You can even stuff a couple microfiber cloths in a pocket for glass and surface cleaning on the go!

Taming the mess that is the inside of your car can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but with a little creativity, it can also be lots of fun!

Enjoy your newly-organized ride and from all of us at Quick-Set, drive safely out there!

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