5 Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

5 Tips for Improving Gas Mileage

With the price of gas fluctuating from season to season, we can all agree that the more we can save on gas, the better. Whether you commute a short distance or have to drive a lot, here are a few helpful tips on improving your gas mileage.

1. Buy the Right Fuel

Ever wonder what those numbers at the pump mean? Every vehicle has a recommended fuel type for best functionality. Make sure you’re using the proper gas for your car. Most cars have an 85 or 87 octane rating, but some require up to 94 premium fuel. This information is usually listed on your drivers-side door or in your manual.

2. Reduce Weight and Drag

Car accessories like storage racks, bike racks and trailer hitches add weight to your vehicle and cause more gas to be used. Since lots of us here in Colorado enjoy outdoor sports and skiing, you might just leave the accessories on all the time. However, by removing them when you’re not using them, you can improve gas mileage.

3. Avoid Idling

Only use gas when you’re actually driving. Don’t leave your car running for long amounts of time because this uses gas. Skip the drive-thru lanes and order inside instead, turn your car off at train crossings, and don’t leave it running in the winter or summer to regulate temperature.

4. Don’t Speed

Accelerating burns fuel quickly. Avoid fast accelerations and prolonged speeding. Not only will speeding get you a ticket, it burns a lot more fuel than driving at a steady, reasonable pace. If you’re going on a longer journey, take advantage of cruise control to avoid the “lead foot” syndrome.

5. Check Tires and Oil

It goes without saying that if the components of your vehicle are in good shape, you’re going to get the best gas mileage you can. Ensure you’re regularly checking your tire pressure to reduce drag, and always use the correct motor oil specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

Though nobody can control the prices of fuel, you can easily be smarter about how you use it. With just a few mindful decisions, you can drastically improve your gas mileage. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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