5 Tips for Your New Teen Driver

5 Tips for Your New Teen Driver

You did the time—the hours of practicing in the parking lot, the vicious pumping of the invisible brake on your side of the car, and endless driving test quizzing—and it all paid off because your teen earned their driver’s license!

So, now what?

At Quick-Set, we are all about safety, so we have compiled a list of safety tips for you to consider before sending your teen out on the road without you ...



Did you notice the capital letters? Let your teens know that under no circumstances are they to operate their phones while driving. PERIOD. Emergency? Pull over, then call for help. “Driving mode” is a setting that is available for both android and Apple phones, and it may help them keep their eyes on the road. You can also install the “LifeSaver” app, which blocks phone use while driving and let’s you know if it is unlocked while the car is moving.


2. Seat belts. Always.

This should go for anyone riding in the car, as well, and if someone refuses, don’t let them ride. A little harsh? Not when your child is responsible for the safe transport of everyone in the car! No matter how short the distance, make sure that your teen understands the importance of always, always, always wearing a seatbelt!


3. Limit the Number of Passengers.

Friends can be great fun when it comes to driving, but they can also become huge distractions.
Being a new driver can be nerve-wracking enough without extra passengers, so it may be helpful to set a time limit before adding any. For instance, they could practice driving by themselves for the first six months, and then add an additional person every three to six months after that. Also, for safety reasons, let your teen know that they are not to offer rides to strangers, even if it feels impolite.


4. Take It Easy With the Tunes.

As an adult, you have likely had days when you felt the need to roll down your windows, crank the tunes, and celebrate your freedom as you metaphorically drove away from your problems.You, however, have had many more years to master your tune-blasting and simultaneous driving abilities, whereas your teen should have as little distractions as possible. Just like the passengers rule, it may be a good idea to start off slowly—keep the music at a certain level, only change songs at red lights, etc.


5. Talk About the “What-ifs”

No one likes to talk about negative hypothetical situations, but the better your teen is prepared, the more likely they will be to stay calm. Make sure they know where all of their license and registration information is located in case they get pulled over, and what information to collect from other drivers if they are ever in an accident. It would also be useful to help them build an emergency kit to carry around in the trunk at all times.

Having a new driver in the house can be a little scary, but with a few guidelines to help them focus and continue to drive carefully, you can rest a little easier.

Congratulations to your new driver, and from everyone at Quick-Set, drive safely out there!

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