6 Discontinued Cars in 2021

6 Discontinued Cars in 2021

A new year means cleaning out the old and making way for the new. This is no different for automobiles. With new models hitting the shelves, and new technology at the forefront of the industry, it’s time to retire production on some vehicles. Here are a few formerly popular cars that will be discontinued in 2021.

Chevrolet Impala:

The Impala has been around since 1958, but this well-loved car had its last run in February of 2020. Chevy is undoubtedly working on a newer and more energy-efficient alternative.

Dodge Grand Caravan:

It may be the end of the era of minivans. The Dodge Grand Caravan has had its run as a family vacation vehicle and popular rental car, and will no longer be produced in 2021.

Lincoln MKZ & Continental:

Lincoln is making the switch to all SUV models, and will therefore be retiring the MKZ and Continental luxury cars.

Buick Regal Models:

Buick will retire its Regal line in 2021, including the GS and TourX. Sedan and hatchback models are seemingly phasing out, and the Regals are on the list.

Honda Fit:

This lovable little car has been around since 2017, but will no longer be available in the North American market in 2021. Buyers tend to be switching to larger vehicles like SUVs or crossover models, so the Fit no longer fits.

Kia Optima:

The once-popular Optima can’t compete with Kia’s innovative new K5. The Optima will no longer be manufactured as of 2021.

Though these vehicles are no longer in production, they are still great cars to buy used. Just be aware that discontinued production might mean harder-to-find parts and higher cost of labor later. Always do your research before buying either a new or used vehicle. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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