6 Tips For Staying Focused While Driving

6 Tips For Staying Focused While Driving

In just a days, it will officially be summer in Colorado. The snow is a (hopefully) distant memory until next winter, so it should be smooth sailing as far as driving goes, right?

Well … not exactly.

Summer tends to pose new obstacles and challenges, such as thunderstorms, hail, and ample amounts of road construction. That being said, it is just as important that you are staying focused while driving this time of year as it is during any other season!

Here are some tips to help you stay focused as you’re cruising this summer …


1. Don’t Groom and Drive

It can be tempting to finalize grooming rituals in the car, especially if you’re running late, but it’s pretty hazardous to your concentration. Attempting to put on makeup, shave, fix your hair, or finish getting dressed is something that should be saved for the parking lot (while your car is in the parked position), or probably more appropriately, a bathroom on your break. If you absolutely must do these things in the car, find someone else to do the driving, or consider switching to a lighter grooming routine!


2. Run the Fan or Air Conditioning to Avoid Drowsiness

Warm temperatures can make you drowsy, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to focus on the road. Try running the fan or air conditioning in your car (or even rolling the windows down) to keep the air circulating and your brain alert. Sometimes, the extra noise can help snap you out of a lull, as well.


3. Keep Tunes At Reasonable Level

There is a time and place for cranking the tunes, but in the car, driving, is not that place! The louder the music is, the more your attention is going to drift from the actual task at hand, which (again) is simply to drive your car. Loud music also makes it pretty difficult to listen for approaching emergency vehicles, the police, construction equipment, or anything else that may come up on the road.


4. Keep Conversations Light

Talking to the people in your car is perfectly acceptable, and can even help to keep you alert on long excursions, but it’s probably best to stick to topics that don’t require a lot of effort on your part. Having deep, in-depth conversations while enjoying a delicious beverage in a cafe is one thing—trying to do that while driving can cause a lot of distraction. If you think a topic is veering toward something that is likely to make you emotional and less able to drive safely and coherently, suggest a change of topic!


5. Keep People, Pets, and Items Secure

It can be pretty hard to concentrate on the road while living beings and other items are shifting around, unsecured, in various parts of your car. Any person in your car should be wearing a seatbelt or riding in a car seat. Period. As far as pets go, there are many arguments for and against similar restraints, but either way, they shouldn’t be helplessly sliding around in their seats. Furthermore, there are plenty of contraptions that can assist you in making sure your groceries and other belongings don’t fly around once the vehicle is in motion.


6. Keep Windshield and Windows Clean and Clear

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—the importance of clear auto glass cannot be emphasized enough! A clean and unblemished (no chips or cracks) windshield is essential to clear vision and the integrity of the glass, and your other windows are just as important. Do your best to keep your field of vision as clear and wide as possible so that you can be ready for anything that summer driving throws your way!

Keep your eyes and attention on the road, and from all of us at Quick-Set, drive safely out there!

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