6 Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

6 Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

Our fuzzy friends can be the best car companions! They’re naturally sweet, they don’t touch our radio settings, and they never pester us with “Are We There Yet?!” because they actually enjoy the ride!

However, it is very important to know how to travel with pets safely, which is why we’ve compiled this list of 6 helpful tips for traveling with furry friends.


1. Get Them Used to Longer Car Rides

Quick trips to the grocery store are just fine, but it is also a good idea to give your pets practice with longer excursions before attempting an actual road trip. Something like a day trip to a destination that allows pets is a good way to introduce them to longer spurts in the car.


2. Frequent Stops

This should be a no-brainer, but pets should be given the opportunity to relieve themselves and stretch their legs at least as often as the humans in the car. Like you, their bodies aren’t meant to endure long periods of time in a cramped car and they, too, need the fresh air. Use this time to offer them water and light food, as well, and remember to never leave your pet in the car for extended periods of time.


3. Pack A Bag

In addition to your own luggage, you should have an additional bag for your pet that includes a leash, waste bags, water bowl, water, food, treats, bed, and anything else that will keep your pet comfortable, such as a favorite blanket or toy. Also, remember to take any medication your pet requires, as well as a first aid kit in case of emergencies.


4. Keep Them In The Backseat

Sure, your pet would probably love to sit next to you (or in your lap) the whole trip, but airbags make that incredibly dangerous. Putting them in an open truck bed is also a bad idea. Instead, secure them in the backseat with either a harness that clips onto a seatbelt, or a crate large enough for the animal to stand, turn around, and lay down in and that won’t shift around in the event of sharp turns or sudden stops. Also, as much as they may love it, you shouldn’t let your animal ride with their heads out the window, as they could be injured by passing or projected objects.


5. Make Sure Your Pet Is Trackable

Obviously, your pet’s tags should be up to date, anyway, but it is absolutely essential in the event that they somehow escape from your car. You should also consider chipping your pet, if you haven’t already. This will help the pet to be returned to you by storing your contact information, which most animal shelters and veterinary offices can read with a chip scanner.


6. Keep Your Vision Clear

Before you set out on any adventure, make sure that your windshield is clean and free from chips or cracks. These imperfections can seriously undermine the integrity of your windshield, causing a major safety issue. You should also store all luggage neatly in the trunk or in designated racks to avoid obscuring vision through the back window. Not only is a road trip more enjoyable when you can see properly, but it is necessary for safe driving!

Adventuring is always better with a buddy, and with a little common sense and planning, traveling with your pet can be a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

From everyone here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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