Celebrate September with a 7-Day Colorado Road Trip!

Celebrate September with a 7-Day Colorado Road Trip!

The fun isn’t over yet!

Even though summer is drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean your family fun needs to. Round up the family, hop in your favorite cruising vehicle, and take advantage of these last few days on a 7-day Colorado road trip!

Scoot on up to Denver and let’s get started!


Day 1: Denver to Glenwood Springs

You take such good care of your car - the washes, the waxes, polishes and checks, but what about you? Time for a little R&R?

Your starting point in Denver is only a few hours from the World's Largest Hot Springs Pool, which is well worth the drive, as it is filled with endless mountain views. Once you reach the hot springs, take a therapeutic dip, swim laps, or find a comfy place to lie down by the pool!

Glenwood Springs has a wide variety of dining options and numerous activities and attractions besides the hot springs to keep everyone on your trip in high spirits, including cave tours and zip lining through the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!


Day 2: Glenwood Springs to Grand Junction

Heading west from Glenwood Springs, our next stop is Grand Junction, where there is always sort of festival in the works. The local produce is absolutely exquisite, and tours of vineyards and orchards are always worth your while! In fact, if you plan your trip accordingly, you just may be in time for the “26th Annual Colorado Mountain Winefest,” happening September 14th through the 17th. For those more interested in the scenic aspects of Grand Junction, Colorado National Monument provides plenty of picture-taking opportunities with its gorgeous parks and natural structures.


Day 3: Grand Junction to Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park

Black Canyon of Gunnison National Park is a southeasterly drive from Grand Junction and a fantastic place to set up camp for a night! With three different camping sites to choose from, along with nature and hiking trails and excellent fishing, you may never want to leave! Many of the activities in the Black Canyon are fairly advanced, due in part to the steepness of the canyon, but there is plenty of beautiful scenery to take in, even if you’re not into extreme outdoor sports.


Day 4: Black Canyon to Durango

Continuing south, Durango is about a 3-hour drive away from Gunnison National Park and is home to a plethora of fun, family attractions. Railroad tours, zip lining, and rafting are just a few activities to enjoy, not to mention all of the things to explore at Mesa Verde National Park! Cliff dwellings and other Ancestral Puebloan culture are must-sees, and various nature trails make for endless sight-seeing and Colorado beauty!


Day 5: Durango to Alamosa

From Durango, point your compass north and make your way to Alamosa. The Great Sand Dunes National Park is something you may have seen in pictures, but you will never know the majesty of these dunes until you see them in person! Be sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and appropriate footwear. After all, sand is basically glass, and it gets HOT! Even if you’re not in tune with the dunes, there are plenty of other attractions in Alamosa, including the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad two national wildlife rescues!

Ah, sand … sand EVERYWHERE, including your windshield wipers! Make sure you take the time to brush it off before you hit the road again to avoid scratching your shiny windshield!


Day 6: Alamosa to Cañon City

The next stop on your adventure will take you to Cañon City and the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park. Now, fair warning, this bridge is NOT for the faint of heart … or height. In fact, when it comes to suspension bridges, this is one of the world's largest! Still, there are plenty of other attractions to explore once you have recovered from the shock of the bridge, plus Colorado Springs isn't far at all if you fancy a little more luxury on your mini vacation! Of course, you really shouldn’t pass through without at least a backward glance of Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak, even if it is on the way to your cushy, comfy hotel room!


Day 7: Cañon City to Denver

Ah, Denver … the last stop to complete your 7-Day Road Trip! The possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring this vibrant city! Cool off from the heat with a tour of Downtown Aquarium, hop on one of RTD's free MallRides down 16th Street Mall, or maybe grab a bite to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe! Whatever you do, don’t rush. Take a little time to relax and reflect on the beauty and excitement of such an awesome road trip!

Hopefully you didn’t get any chips in your windshield during your time in the mountains, but if you did … well, you know where to find us! No matter where your Colorado compass takes you, be sure to keep up the maintenance on your adventuring vehicle so that it can continue to keep you safe!

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