8 Signs You Truly Love Your Car

8 Signs You Truly Love Your Car

1. You Wash Your Windows Regularly

It’s a good idea to keep your car clean in general, but even just washing off the windshield and windows regularly helps with upkeep. Get in the habit of cleaning your windows every time you gas up to preserve your glass and help you see better. In addition, it’s a good idea to make sure your windshield wiper fluid tank is always full, especially during slushy seasons.

2. You Don’t Use Your Car as a Trash Can

Let’s talk trash. Nothing makes a car feel less loved than a build-up of fast food bags, empty soda bottles, crumpled receipts and gum wrappers. When you visit the gas station, do a trash check and make sure you’re not letting it build up in your drink containers or foot wells. You might also place a recycled plastic bag in your car to be used specifically for car trash.

3. You Remember to Check Tire Pressure

It’s easy to get into the rhythm of your day-to-day commute and forget that over time cars loose tire pressure. Professionals recommend checking your tire pressure once a month. Though it’s very easy to do this yourself at home, many tire stores and mechanics offer free tire checks. Not sure what your pressure levels should be? They are usually listed on the inside of the driver’s side door.

4. You Have an Organized Glove Box

It’s time to re-think the glove box. Perhaps a better name for it might be a “convenience cubby,” because you can store so much in the space. From hand sanitizer and spare napkins to survival essentials like a flashlight, compass and seat belt cutter, think of your glove box as your car’s medicine cabinet. You’ll be surprised at what can come in handy when it’s already in your car.

5. You Regularly Check and Change Oil

Keeping an eye on your odometer is the key to knowing when your oil needs to be changed, but you can also easily check it yourself. Functioning, clean oil is essential for keeping your car running its best. Depending on the type of oil you use, your car can go anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 miles. If you get your oil changed professionally, you’ll often get a sticker that reminds you when your next change is due.

6. You’ve Named Your Car

This one sounds silly, but it’s estimated that 42 percent of Americans name their cars. Some of the most popular car names for 2018 included “Baby,” “Frank,” “Christine” and “Beast.” Since cars can be such an important factor in our lives, it makes sense that so many people name their vehicle. Need help coming up with a name? There are free “car name generators” online.

7. You Keep Up to Date on Paperwork

Not only is it illegal in many states to drive without insurance, it’s dangerous. Whether your car suffers minor hail damage or is involved in a major collision, ensure you’re both protected. In addition, you always want to have up-to-date license plate stickers. These details ensure you are being a responsible and considerate car owner. (Plus, you’ll save on costly penalties for driving with expired information.)

8. You Drive with Care

Probably the most important way you can love your car is to drive well. Being an attentive and careful driver not only protects you and your passengers, but protects your ride from dings, scratches, smashes and totals. Always be aware of drivers around you, keep calm during traffic jams, and obey safety laws. And don’t forget to buckle up!

From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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