How Many of These Things Do You Do Alone in Your Car?

How Many of These Things Do You Do Alone in Your Car?

To many of us, our vehicles are more than a handy box on wheels built to transport us from point A to point B; they can also be a home away from home—a temporary escape from the madness of point A and/or point B.

That being said, when you are free to be your authentic self, alone in your car, how many of these activities apply to you?

Private Concerts

Singing loudly and with abandon (whether we should or not) is a great way to express the freedom and joy of driving away from something unpleasant, driving toward something exciting, or just blowing off steam. An added bonus is that with the windows rolled up, there’s no one around to tell us that we sound like a cat in considerable distress, or advise us against our questionable taste in karaoke songs.

Imaginary Conversations

Whether we’re hyping ourselves up, talking ourselves down, making responsible preparations for a difficult conversation, or rewriting an interaction that already happened, many of us engage in imaginary conversations in the car. Let’s face it: even if the actual conversation doesn’t turn out the way we planned, it’s theoretically good practice.

Animated Venting

Sometimes we just need to vent. However, as an adult, it’s important that we recognize that there is a proper time and place for rants. Therefore, many of us choose to consult our cars for these sessions, where we can yell without judgment about all of the things in our grownup lives that necessitate a release from pent-up angst. Let us only remember to keep our hands on the wheel!

Sneaky Snacking

No matter how much we adore our loved ones, sometimes the day just calls for a little treat that we don’t have to share. Whether it’s something fresh or a secret stash in the center console, it’s hard to beat those precious moments of uninterrupted snacking—so long as we hide the evidence.

To-Do Lists

There are two kinds of people: those who make lists, and those who are wrong … but, of course, we tease! Some people truly excel at the art of “winging it.” However, if we are in the first category, it’s pretty much a given that we will be making these lists all day long—in the shower, in the bathroom, in our cubicles, and of course in our cars. What can we say? Organization is essential.

One More Spin Around the Block

Maybe you’re not quite ready to end your cherished time alone. Perhaps a really great song just started and you can’t stand to miss your favorite part. Whatever the reason, (even one more bite, sip, or handful of that sneaky snack), there are days when a definite joy can be found in sailing serenely past your garage: “One more time!”

Whatever you do and whoever you are in your vehicle, be sure that your main focus is the road and those around you, and from all of us at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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