Best Ways To Spring Clean Your Vehicle

Best Ways To Spring Clean Your Vehicle

It’s time for the ever-loved or ever-dreaded yearly spring cleaning. Take it one step further than your home this year and treat your vehicles to a good deep cleaning as well! There are not many things as satisfying as that clean car smell, so here are a few ways we think every car should be treated this Spring.

1. Take It Through A Car Wash

Treat both yourself and the car by going through an automatic car wash. Look for an option that provides a triple foam wash/polish and a mag chloride cleaner as it has been a long harsh winter on the roads.

2. Vacuum the Interior

While you are at the car wash, some offer free vacuums so that you can suck up those old, still-not-yet moldy french fries that fall between the seats. Missed the free vacuums? That’s okay, find the longest extension cord you have and use your home vacuum!

3. Wipe Down the Interior

Vinyl, Leather, Fabric, Plastic, Glass…, Dash, Console, Seats, Flooring, Windows. They now produce a single wipe that will help you clean it all! Take that layer of dust away and give the interior of your car a new shine as well as a fresh new smell.

5. Clean Floor Mats & Dirt and Stains Out of Your Trunk

Unfortunately, the all in one wipes don’t always succeed in the removal of tough stains that the outdoor Colorado life can bring into our vehicles. Try and use Oxiclean Total Care Carpet & Upholstery to unroot and remove almost anything in your carpet. A quarter cup of baking soda and a cup of warm water is a more natural way to remove stains too! You’ll just need some elbow grease!

6. Scrub Your Headlights and Taillights

There are many DIY tricks to cleaning your headlights and your taillights. We ask that you do your research prior to selecting one of these methods or for ease use a premade headlight restoration kit from your nearest auto shop. One trick to keep your lights from clouding up again is to keep your car stored or parked in a covered space or garage away from sunlight.

7. Fix Chips and Cracks in Your Windshield

Let this Spring, put the fire underneath you to finally fix those chips and cracks in your windshield that you have been waiting to get fixed. With places like Quick-Set Auto Glass we will even come to you to do so. Want to get the entire windshield replaced? We do that as part of our mobile services as well!

8. Preventative Care

Every year gadgets are released to make your life easier for the next spring cleaning. One popular gadget is the seat gap filler. This gadget prevents you from having to attempt getting the vacuum in hard to reach places like under the seat. Other useful additions to your vehicle are trunk organizers, seat covers, car trashes, and of course a classic air freshener - we recommend that ‘New Car’ smell!

We hope that this Spring, a polished and clean car gets you excited to be on the road again exploring all Colorado has to offer. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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