Car Buying for Christmas? Dos and Don’ts

Car Buying for Christmas? Dos and Don’ts

‘Tis the season... for car commercials! The holiday season is full of seemingly great deals on new cars. We’ve all seen ads featuring shiny new cars topped with large bows sitting in the driveway on Christmas morning, but is buying a car for Christmas a good idea? Here are a few pointers when it comes to Christmas car buying.


Do Your Research

Knowing what kind of car you’re in the market for and how much you can plan on spending is essential. Research car models and the available deals on the cars you’re interested in. Also be aware of the monthly payments, APR quotes, special features, and any other available holiday incentives.

Know Your Finances

Though a car deal might seem good on the surface, before you buy know where you stand financially. Know your credit score, monthly budget, and how much you can put towards a car payment and insurance every month. Before you get caught up in payments you can’t afford, plan out your budget.

Buy on the Right Day

Black Friday might not be the best option for buying. Research has shown that Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve might be the best days to buy new cars. Research from 2018 showed an average savings of $2816 on cars bought on Christmas Eve.


Don’t Impulse Buy

When you’re on the lot and the salesperson is telling you all about the great features of a certain model, it can be tempting to just make an instant decision, especially if the price is right. However, try to avoid impulse buying when it comes to something as important as a new car. Sleep on it, do your research ahead of time, and know when the time is right to buy.

Don’t Overspend

If you’re buying a new car as a gift for a partner or loved one, it can be tempting to get them exactly what they want, no matter the cost. Though it’s good to be generous around the holiday season, don’t put yourself or your family in debt over a brand new car. Gift within your budget.

Don’t Discount Pre-Owned

Since it’s not practical for everyone to buy a brand new car during the holidays, consider car “adoption!” Buying a pre-owned or used vehicle can save you thousands of dollars. There are tons of good deals on pre-owned vehicles around the holidays too. Ask your local dealerships about pre-owned and used vehicles before you consider buying new.

A car for Christmas can be a great investment, and with low pricing and fantastic seasonal deals, it can also be affordable. If you’re considering a new vehicle as a gift, whether for yourself or a loved one, keep these tips in mind before you buy to ensure you’re making a great gift decision. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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