Car Repair 101: When to DIY and When to Take it to a Mechanic

Car Repair 101: When to DIY and When to Take it to a Mechanic

Owning a car isn’t always cheap. From gas fills to insurance rates, there are a lot of financial factors to automobiles, and that’s not to mention costly maintenance and repairs. Many people wonder if there are things they could be doing on their own to save a trip to the mechanic. Though a lot of automobile maintenance can be done in your own garage, there are a few things that you should never attempt on your own. Here is a brief guide.


  1. Windshield wipers: They’re easy to install and there’s a low risk of damaging your car.
  2. Air filters: Air filters should be changed regularly, and it’s easy and cost-effective to do on your own.
  3. Headlight bulbs: Bulb replacements are cheap to replace and generally easy, depending on your vehicle.
  4. Blown fuses: Fuses are another easy-to-access repair and can be changed in minutes.
  5. Seatbelts: Most seatbelts can be replaced or changed with a simple screwdriver.
  6. Tires: Changing a tire is a valuable skill and can save you a ton of money.
  7. Windshield washer tank: The tanks that hold the washer fluid are very simple to replace with basic tools.


  1. Brakes: Brake systems are extremely important for safety and should only be repaired by a trained mechanic.
  2. Windshields: Attempting to fix cracks and chips in your own windshield can result in more damage, which could lead to a replacement later on. Just leave it to us!
  3. Engine diagnostics: Engines run on complicated computer systems that are difficult to navigate by yourself. Professionals have tools that get engines set correctly.
  4. Radio, DVD, or other electronic components: Any time you’re dealing with electricity in a vehicle, it’s safer to trust a professional.
  5. Radiator: The radiator of your car is essential to keep the engine running and cool. Trying to fix or replace your own radiator can result in a damaged engine if done incorrectly.
  6. Transmission: Never attempt to fix or replace your transmission systems on your own. Transmission is the most complex part of your car, and often the most expensive repair. However, the expense is worth it when you consider a full replacement if you mess up could be anywhere from $4,000 - $5,000.
  7. Paint and body repairs: most people know it’s not a good idea to paint your own car. Not only will the color not match, but the paint you use might not be safe for the exterior. It’s better to spend the money to have it done professionally.

Though there are many repairs people can do on their own car with just a little guidance, some repairs should be taken to a professional both for safety and cost-effectiveness. Quick-Set Auto Glass offers a variety of services at a great rate to help you keep on top of your car care game. Ask us how we can help! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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