Christmas Gifts for Your Car

Christmas Gifts for Your Car

Have you completed your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget about your vehicle! Here are a few auto-related gift ideas for your car, or for an auto-savvy friend.

1. Floor Mats

Nothing ruins the interior of a vehicle faster than mud, snow, ice, and salt constantly being tracked in. Preserve your vehicle’s footwells by investing in some heavy-duty, waterproof floor mats. They’re way easier to clean than carpet and will have you covered for all seasons.

2. Wax Treatment & Wash Kit

When was the last time you washed and waxed your vehicle? Protect the exterior against snow and mag chloride by washing your car regularly in the winter. Don’t forget a fresh coat of protective wax to give it that shine!

3. Bluetooth Technology

If your car doesn’t already have a Bluetooth setup, invest in an adapter or plug so you can connect your phone and other devices. Not only will it help to be hands-free if you have to take a call, you can also listen to your music, stream podcasts, or let the kids watch movies in the back.

4. Smartphone Mount

Though you should never be texting and driving, a lot of people do use their smartphones for navigation on the road. Get a smartphone mount so you can have your phone be level with the road. This is not only safer, it keeps your phone from falling between seats or in the footwell.

5. Car Vacuum

Eliminate the buildup of pesky particles in your vehicle by investing in a car vacuum. With their convenient size and cordless capabilities, they’ll make cleaning out your car much easier and more affordable than visiting a car wash.

We often take our vehicles for granted, but giving car care gifts for the holidays is a great way to encourage proper maintenance year-round. There are plenty of ways to show your love for cars this season! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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