How does Winter Affect Replacing a Windshield?

How does Winter Affect Replacing a Windshield?

You may notice some changes happening here in Colorado. No, we are not talking about the mass amounts of people migrating to this wonderful state. We are talking about the white flakes starting to fall from the sky.

Did you know that temperature and moisture play a major role in the process of replacing a windshield? Well, it does.

There is no rule of thumb on the exact temperatures that start to impact glass, but when temperatures start to drop to around freezing, glass begins to shrink and as things begin to warm up again, glass will expand. This is why we ask you that if Quick-Set Auto Glass is headed your way that, at minimum, please have your car parked in a covered area, and at best, have it in the warmest area possible. It is also important to note that these temperature changes also make it more likely for your windshield to chip or crack, so call us quickly so we can stop the crack from running!

But wait, before you give us a call, keep in mind that temperature is not the only factor that comes into play when dealing with windshield repairs. Moisture also slows down the amount of time it takes for your windshield replacement to dry. To have the quickest turnaround time and to have you back on the road again as quick as possible, wipe away all the piled-up snow and try and have the area around your windshield as dry as possible for when we arrive.

Don’t have time to dry your car? Of course, Quick-Set Auto Glass will take care of that for you. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We simply wanted to take the time to educate you on the dangers of not repairing your glass as soon as possible in these winter months and help our customers get the quickest, best results possible.

At Quick-Set Auto Glass we are proud to provide services by the top experts in the field and we assure you that no matter what the weather condition is, we can help you see more clearly again.

From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there.

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