How Long Can I Go With a Crack in My Windshield?

How Long Can I Go With a Crack in My Windshield?

One of the most common reasons why you or someone else looks into repairing or replacing
auto glass is due to a cracked windshield. The two most common questions relating to a
cracked windshield are either, “Does my insurance cover that?” or “How long can I go before
repairing or replacing my windshield?”.

For insurance, that’s easy, give us a call and our team will happily walk you through the process
100% of the way. Heck! We’ll even call your insurance for you! (In a three-way call).

How long can I wait to get my windshield repaired or replaced?
This is based on a couple of factors:

Size. The size of the crack, whether it be from debris, change in temperature, ect. plays an
important role in answering this question. In Colorado, there is no law specifically stating that
you can not drive with a cracked windshield. However, there is a state law around driving with
an obstructed view. That being said, the larger the crack the more likely you are putting your
safety at risk by obscuring your view and possibly even breaking the law. If the crack is larger
than a size of a quarter please do not wait to get your windshield fixed, give us a call! It’s fast
and easy!

Severity. The more severe the crack or damage to your windshield is, the more caution is
needed. A simple bump in the road, a dramatic change of temperature, or even an additional
impact can compromise the already compromised integrity of your auto glass. This can cause
the entire piece of auto glass to shatter leaving your vehicle practically useless. Note that since
windshields are made of multiple layers of glass the fractured pieces will not fall out like in the
movies, but the shattering will completely hinder your ability to view the road ahead.

Here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, we like to say that if you are questioning it, err on the side of
caution and try to book an appointment as soon as possible to get your windshield repaired or
replaced by our certified technicians. We pride ourselves in doing whatever we can to help our
local Coloradoans stay safe, which is why we offer FREE mobile services to a large part of
Colorado to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you.

From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass drive safely out there.

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