How To Avoid Windshield Replacement

How To Avoid Windshield Replacement

It’s no secret that car windshields are susceptible to unforeseen damages. We’ve all experienced projectile dirt and debris on the road, but nobody wants to endure costly windshield replacements. Fortunately, there are a few simple things car owners can do to avoid needing a complete replacement.

Leave Some Space

It’s never safe to drive too closely behind someone, but it can be especially harmful for your windshield. Cars and trucks traveling at high speeds are likely to shoot back rocks, pebbles and other abrasive grit that can crack or chip your glass. This is especially true with large trucks that have double wheels and mud flaps. Though this phenomenon is often unavoidable, play it safe by keeping a good distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.

Mind the Heat

Extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on automobiles both inside and out. Glass is no exception. Hot glass expands and cold glass contracts. When the temperature changes too frequently or your car is out for too long in extremes, your windshield will wear out. Though sometimes it’s not possible to avoid sub-zero or scorching temps, try to keep your vehicle out of direct sun. If possible, always park in the shade. Note that using a sun shade will not protect your glass, but it can help to prevent interior damage.

Change Your Blades

Windshield wiper blades don’t last forever, unfortunately. Not only will old wiper blades not clean your windows, they could actually scratch the glass if the rubber wears down to the metal. Most professionals recommend replacing your blades every 6 to 12 months, depending on the climate where you live. In dry climates like Colorado, wiper blades tend to wear out quicker. Luckily, wiper blades are affordable and you can change them yourself at home.

Wash Up

Keeping your windows clean is crucial for maintaining the quality of the glass. Get in the habit of regularly cleaning off dirt, oil and grit from your windshield and windows. Use a soft cloth instead of a sponge, and keep an eye on the products you use. Ammonia-based cleaners are actually harmful for car glass, and can wear it down over time. In addition, be cautious of automatic car washes that use high pressure. For effective and safe products, visit your local auto store or search the internet for cleaner recipes.

Be Gentle

Did you know slamming your car door is bad for your windshield? It weakens the glass and if it’s a constantly repeated habit, you could crack your glass. Be gentle when cleaning your windshield and putting down the wiper blades. Also, be aware of your surroundings when you park, and try to avoid areas where anything damaging could fall on your car.

Get it Fixed

If you do happen to get a chip, crack or hole in your windshield, don’t wait to act. Repairing tiny damages will prevent them from spreading and getting worse. Plus, having a nice, clear windshield is way less distracting than having to look at an unsightly chip. In general, most chips and cracks under 6 inches in size can be repaired. We even offer fast and easy chip repair in as little as 30 minutes, and some insurance policies even cover windshield chip repairs.

We hope these tips give you some insight on preventative care, but if you do eventually need a full windshield replacement, we’re here for you. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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