How to Protect Your Windshield in Winter

How to Protect Your Windshield in Winter

Besides the engine and wheels, the windshield of the car is probably the most important component. Having a clear view for driving is essential, but there are many ways our view can be affected. This is especially true during nasty weather. Rain, snow, ice, and fog are all considerable conditions when it comes to vehicle safety. Make sure your windshield stays clear and maintained during colder months with these tips.

1. De-Icer

Filling your windshield fluid reservoir with a good glass cleaner is important. In the summer, it’s helpful to use the kind that cleans off insects, but in the winter, opt for the de-icer. Look for varieties that won’t freeze and may even help melt windshield frost and ice. You can also purchase a spray de-icer for instant melting of hard-to-thaw spots.

2. Ice Scraper

Always keep an ice scraper (or two) inside your vehicle in the winter. Especially in Colorado, we never know when we’ll get a snowstorm or freeze. Using other objects to chip ice can cause glass damage. Purchase a scraper that has a scratch-free edge and a soft brush so you aren’t risking cracks or chips.

3. Defrost

All cars come with some sort of defrosting system, but don’t wait until a storm to find out yours isn’t working properly. Before it gets cold, take your vehicle in to have the heat system and defroster checked. Sometimes air systems need to be bled or fans need replacing, and it’s wise to have an initial check before trusting your car in the cold.

4. Plan Ahead

Being able to clear snow and ice off your vehicle after a storm is great, but what if you could prevent it in the first place? If you know it’s going to snow, park under shelter (if you can), and spay your windshield with a vinegar and water solution overnight to prevent frost from building up. It can also be helpful to lift your windshield wipers off the glass before the snow so they won’t freeze to the windshield.

Though inclement weather is common in Colorado, a little mindfulness and planning can help you keep your vehicle safe to drive when it happens. Being stocked on cold-weather essentials is a must! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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