New Year’s Eve - Skip Driving This Year!

New Year’s Eve - Skip Driving This Year!

At Quick-Set Auto Glass, we are obsessed with safety. On one of the busiest nights of the year, we implore you to take every precaution when it comes to reaching your destination and coming back home safely.

Here are a few options you should consider as an alternative to your own vehicle this New Year’s Eve (especially if you plan on drinking).



Now that there’s an app for everything, finding a ride has never been so easy! Uber and Lyft are easily accessible and have the added bonus of not having to rummage around for your wallet to find fare. No cash? No problem!


Light Rail

If you’re looking for transportation that’s a little more economical (as well as eco-friendly), the Light Rail is always a fun way to travel! Currently, there are 11 lines (with another in the works), so there are plenty of route options, and RTD does a great job keeping the cars neat and clean.


Arranging for a Ride/Pickup

We all have those people in our lives who would rather not hit the crowded streets of town during the holiday chaos. They may, however, be willing to drop you off and/or pick you up after you’ve partied your little heart out. This way, you’ll be with someone you know and trust, and they may even agree to a little midnight snack (your treat, of course)!



If you’d rather use someone else’s feet to carry you home, consider catching a ride from a pedicab! They’re unique, they’re friendly to the environment, and let’s face it - they’re just plain fun! Plus, living vicariously through all that work on the driver’s end is sure to make you feel warm and cozy!


Stay the Night/Get a Hotel

Some celebrations are just so physically draining that it’s probably a better idea to stay the night at a friend’s house or purchase a hotel room, rather than trying to navigate all the way home. Hotels have the added bonus of room service, plus if you plan ahead, it’s pretty easy to book a room close to your party destination to cut down on transportation time. In fact, if you can walk there, you won’t need to worry about parking!

From all of us at Quick-Set, have a Happy New Year and be safe out there!

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