Parking Outside During Winter 

Parking Outside During Winter 

Winter Nights in Colorado can be brutal and we know that not all cars have or can make it into a garage every night. That's why it's important to know the preventative and protective measures you can take for your vehicle this winter.

Tip #1: Use A Snow Brush/Scraper Or Windshield Cover

Before you start your car, it's important to clear off any snow or ice that may have accumulated on your windshield. A snow brush/scraper or windshield cover will allow you to quickly and easily remove any debris that could obstruct your view. It's also a good idea to clear off your headlights and taillights so that other drivers can see you. 

Tip #2: Don't idle your car for too long

When it's cold outside, it's tempting to want to let your car idle for a while before driving. A minute of two to warm up your car and defog the windshield is fine but running it longer than that is actually doing my harm to your engine.. So, if you can, try to avoid idling your car for too long.

Tip #3: Keep Your Gas Tank Full and Fluids Topped Off

It's always a good idea to keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter months. This way, if you get stranded somewhere, you'll have enough gas to keep your engine running and stay warm until help arrives. In addition, keeping fluids such as oil topped off can help avoid corrosion.

Tip #4: Inflate Your Tires

As temperatures drop so does your tire pressure. Plan ahead and fill your tires to the appropriate pressure so that you are not driving on low tires after a long, snowy night parked outside. Look into nitrogen-filled tires for less fluctuation during temperature changes and move your car every so often to avoid flat spotting.

Tip #5: Wax Your Vehicle

There is no way to prevent hail, snow, or rain from occurring but you help prevent the impact it has on your vehicle. Make sure to give your car a good wax before winter to avoid having the precipitation and the chemicals on the road create rust on your nice paint job.

Tip #6: Stay On Top of Replacing Your Battery

Cold weather puts stress on your car battery and can drain the battery power significantly. That is why if you plan on parking outside all winter you should ensure you have replaced your car battery within the last 4 years. If it has a hard time starting up, give it a minute before you start driving.

Parking outside during the winter can be challenging, but if you follow these tips, you'll be able to do it safely and without any issues. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass drive safely out there!

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