Pets in Cars: Tips for Traveling with Pets

Pets in Cars: Tips for Traveling with Pets

As every pet owner knows, cats and dogs are part of the family. This means they often end up traveling with us. Whether it’s a quick trip to the park, an extended vacation, or a trip to the dreaded vet, use these helpful tips for traveling with your pet.

Always Bring Water

This is a no-brainer, but if you travel with your pet, even for a short distance, be sure you pack water. It can be helpful to keep a bowl in your car so you’re always prepared. Though this tip is essential in the summer, it’s important to remember during all seasons of the year. Should you become stranded for any reason, having water will benefit both you and your pet in an emergency situation.


Pet injuries from vehicle motion happen when your pet is allowed to roam freely. Though dogs enjoy putting their heads out the window and walking around on the seats, it’s often safer to travel with them in a carrier. You can train your dog to remain seated in the vehicle, but if you’re concerned about their safety, the carrier is your best option. NEVER let your dog ride in the uncovered flatbed of a truck. When it comes to cats, remember that felines don’t often travel as well as dogs, so always keep scared kitties in their carrier.

Play Soft Music

Animals respond to music just as people do. Reduce travel stress on your furry friends by playing gentle music at a low volume. It also helps to talk to your pet during stressful travels since your voice reassures and comforts them.

Be Potty Prepared

Always be prepared for your pets’ pit stops. Bring bags to clean up after your dog, or a disposable litter box for your long-distance traveling kitty. You might also pack wipes, towels, and cleaning spray in case of accidents.

Pack Toys

If your pet is a nervous traveler, place comforting items like their favorite toys in the carrier with them. You can also include a clothing item of yours that will smell like you. This helps your pet to feel more at home and at ease on the road.

With some mindful preparation and a few simple steps, you can eliminate the stress on both you and your pet when traveling. It’s important to always take into account your pet’s individual needs, and monitor how they travel so you can adjust as needed. Above all, safety is key. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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