Plan Ahead: Peak Season For Auto Glass Appointments

Plan Ahead: Peak Season For Auto Glass Appointments

This is a friendly reminder that our busy season is coming and to plan ahead and schedule your auto glass repair or replacement sooner rather than later! Why is it our busy season you ask? 

Weather Changes and Temperature Fluctuations:

Fall is a time of temperature fluctuations, with warm days and cool nights. These changes put stress on existing chips and cracks in windshields. A small chip might seem harmless, but the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes can cause it to spread rapidly. As drivers rely heavily on clear visibility, the onset of Fall prompts them to address these issues before they worsen.

Holiday Travel and Celebrations:

Fall ushers in an array of events and holidays, from back-to-school commutes to Thanksgiving road trips. Families hit the road to visit loved ones, and shoppers navigate crowded parking lots. Ensuring a pristine windshield becomes paramount for safe and stress-free journeys. Not to mention, more people on the road means a higher likelihood of accidents, rock impacts, and other incidents that can damage windshields. This heightened road activity directly contributes to the surge in auto glass repair and replacement needs.

Preparation for Winter:

As winter approaches, many vehicle owners proactively address any auto glass issues to ensure their vehicles are ready for the challenges of colder weather. A compromised windshield is more susceptible to cracking in freezing temperatures, making Fall the optimal time for repairs and replacements.

Insurance and Year-End Flex Spending:

Towards the end of the year, many individuals want to make the most of their insurance coverage or flexible spending accounts before they reset. Auto glass repairs and replacements often fall under these plans, encouraging people to address any pending issues.

The Fall season, marked by its scenic beauty and festive atmosphere, also serves as the beginning of our peak season for auto glass services. To get an Instant Online Quote emailed to you, visit us here. If you want to know more about how we can help you navigate your insurance, start here. We can not wait to continue to help our community travel safely for the rest of 2023!

From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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