The Quick-Set Guide to Holiday Auto Gifts

The Quick-Set Guide to Holiday Auto Gifts

The holiday season is upon us and it’s time, once again, for the search for the perfect gift. Sometimes it’s as simple as figuring out what each person likes and buying them accessories, which is the idea behind this particular blog. If your gift recipient loves cars, driving, or just activities that require cars and driving, keep reading!


Here are 6 gift ideas for the people in your life who really like cars!


1. Steering Wheel Cover

It may seem like a small or simple gift, but extreme temperatures can greatly affect your steering wheel. In summer, for example, cars can reach alarmingly high temperatures which, in turn, tends to heat up the steering wheel until touching it feels remarkably like grabbing the wrong end of a curling iron. On the other hand, a freezing cold steering wheel can send an ache all the way up to your elbows. That simple, little cover can do wonders for driving comfort, and you can find them in a variety of styles here.


2. Frost/Snow Cover

Not many people fantasize about removing 10 pounds of snow from their windshield in subzero temperatures while snow drips slowly and steadily into their boots. Luckily, there’s this genius little cover that you can strap on to your windshield before the weather hits and then rip off (read: remove gently) in the morning, or whenever it’s time to drive again! Browse available models here.


3. Car Wash

We all have that person in our life who hasn’t washed their car since they bought it … four years ago! Besides the fact that it looks terrible, the chances of that person being able to actually see out of their windows (if you’re not going to wash the car, you’re probably not going to wash the windows, either) are slim. Many car wash facilities have gift cards available for purchase, which could be the perfect way to spruce up their car’s appearance and improve visibility. Plus, they didn’t have to lift a finger!


4. Stereo System

Riding in the car with someone is significantly less fun when the car tunes sound like they’ve been piped in through a tin can. Why not do everyone in the car a favor and surprise your road buddy with a new stereo system? From basic (but still better than their current speakers) to extravagant, there are tons of options when it comes to stereo setups. As a bonus, you can finally listen to the Stranger Things soundtrack the way it was meant to be experienced! Begin your search here.


5. Ski Rack

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you’ve been reading about all of the things you should be bringing with you on your mountain escapades … but where are you supposed to put your skis and boards? A ski and snowboard rack is the perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t like to look through their gear to see the vehicles behind them (and let’s face it, no one should be doing that anyway). It also means that there is more room in the car for people’s faces and elbows! Click here to start shopping ski and snowboard racks.


6. Windshield

That’s right, a windshield. We all have that one person in our lives who refuses to fix anything unless it’s so broken that no amount of welding, gluing, or taping will ever bring whatever it was back to life. Windshields are actually one thing that should ABSOLUTELY be replaced before they get to this point! Chips and cracks can spread rapidly and without warning, and few of us enjoy driving with the fragments of our windshield in our laps. Lucky for you, a new windshield is not hard to find - call us for details and give the gift of safety and pleasing aesthetics, all in one go!


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