RV Etiquette: 4 Rules of the Road for Recreational Vehicles

RV Etiquette: 4 Rules of the Road for Recreational Vehicles

Nothing says summer like RV and tent camping. RVs are handy ways to bring your house with you to many exciting locations around the country, but there are a few rules of the road that RV owners must follow. Here are some tips to RV owners to keep in mind.

1. Stay Buckled

Though it’s not against the law to walk around in the RV during a roadtrip, it’s not recommended. It could be dangerous in the event of a collision, and unlike airplanes, RVs tend to be less steady when moving. Keep your family safe by having everyone strap in when the RV is on the go.

2. Lights On

If you’re hauling a popup camper or trailer, ensure that your brake lights and signal lights work. This is crucial for the people around you. It’s also a good idea to check that the lights are still operational and everything is properly connected when you make pit stops.

3. Know Your Speed Limit

There are recommended speed limits for everything from trailers to campers. Know the recommended (and legal) speed in the areas where you’ll be traveling to keep safe and avoid tickets.

4. Park Appropriately

It can be tricky to park large vehicles, but typically RVs have designated spots for convenience and the safety of others. Rest stops usually indicate where trucks and trailers should park, and gas stations typically have larger areas for maneuvering your vehicle. If you have to stop at a grocery store or market, it’s usually courteous to park further back in the lot if you have to take up several spaces.

Above all, being mindful of the rules of the road and knowing the law for RVs will help you to avoid accidents and getting pulled over. As always, put safety first. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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