SPF for Your Car: How to Prevent Sun Damage to Vehicles

SPF for Your Car: How to Prevent Sun Damage to Vehicles

The summer months are coming, and though sunny days and warmer weather sound great to us, the hot sun and dry weather can wreak havoc on your vehicle. Whether you park outdoors all the time or only during the day for work, there are a few ways you can prepare your vehicle for the summer weather.

1. Wax Your Car

Car wax makes a vehicle look shiny and clean, but did you know wax also helps protect against sun damage? Most car wax brands contain ingredients that provide a shield against harmful ultraviolet rays. Adding a wax coat to your at-home car wash routine in the summer is a smart move.

2. Use a Sun Shield

We’ve all seen those funny or decorative sun shields in cars during the summer months. These little additions to your car are actually the best way to protect your dashboard, front seats, and even back seats. Sun shields not only prevent your interior from becoming an oven, but also prevent the interior from drying, fading, or cracking.

3. Check Your Tires & Wipers

Tires and wiper blades often suffer the worst of sun damage. Wiper blades that get exposed to the sun often are liable to tear or crack, making them ineffective at their job of clearing the windshield. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can really do to prevent this from happening, but be diligent in checking that they’re operating well before you find yourself in a rainstorm. Similarly, your tire pressure might change with extreme heat and sun, so check often in the summer to ensure they’re operating at their full capacity.

4. Park in the Shade

Try to seek out shadier spots to park in during sunny days. While this isn’t always possible, usually there are a few shadier spots that will help lessen the amount of time your vehicle sits in the direct sun. If you have a car that stays out most of the time, cover it up to protect it from the summer elements.

Just as we have to protect ourselves from the sun, giving your vehicle a little consideration will go a long way in maintaining it both physically and operationally. Take these tips with you into the summer for a “happier and healthier” vehicle. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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