Take Advantage Of Recalibration Services From Quick-Set Auto Glass

Take Advantage Of Recalibration Services From Quick-Set Auto Glass

It is an unfortunate but undeniable truth that once in a while, the things in our lives get tossed around enough that they get knocked off their axes and need adjustment. These “things” can refer to intangible concepts such as relationships or states of mind, as well as physical things like furniture, a musical instrument — or your vehicle’s windshield, for example.

In keeping with modern humans’ ongoing mission to infuse smart technology into every aspect of our lives, many new vehicles are now equipped with ADAF (Advanced Driver Assistance Features)[1] , which can also include windshield components. Features include things like sensors and cameras that help drivers to back up, park, and potentially avoid collisions. This shift in technology means that associated repair tactics must also evolve.

That being said, Quick-Set Auto Glass is excited to shine the spotlight this month on our windshield recalibration services!

Now, undoubtedly, some of you are already wondering, “Do I really need to recalibrate my windshield after a replacement?” The truth is, if your windshield includes ADAF, then yes, your windshield should absolutely be recalibrated. Think of it this way: how terrible has your spelling become with the constant presence of autocorrect, spellcheck, Grammarly, and the like? Similar to these tools, many drivers tend to rely on their backup cameras and sensors more than their actual senses, meaning that if those driving tools are no longer functioning correctly, accidents are more likely to occur. Why take the risk?

Full details on the recalibration services offered by Quick-Set Auto Glass can be found here, with static recalibration services starting at $350.00 and dynamic services starting at $250.00. Keep in mind that the particular services required for your vehicle will depend on the make, model, and type of previous services. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Also, remember that although our physical locations are in Henderson, Colorado and Colorado Springs, CO, Quick-Set Auto Glass offers mobile services from Colorado Springs, all the way up to Fort Collins, and everywhere in between!

From all of us at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive carefully out there!

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