The Pros & Cons of Christmas Car Buying

The Pros & Cons of Christmas Car Buying

Unbeatable auto sales and the release of the newest model cars is a staple of the holiday season. Many people choose to purchase a new car this time of year as a holiday gift. While the deep discounts and financing options can be great around the holidays, there are also a few cons to consider when it comes to Christmas car buying.

Pros: Great Rates, More Financing Options, New Models

For some, getting the newest models to roll off the assembly line is important. New cars usually come out before the actual year they get listed, so 2021 vehicles are already being sold. In addition, the deals around the holidays on older models can be unbeatable. Black Friday, Christmas, and New Years discounts are huge, and there are often lots of financing and incentive options to help entice buyers.

Cons: Impulse Buying, Limited Research Time, Extra Bills

The double-edged sword of a great deal is it actually can make you spend more money than you would if there wasn’t a sale. Shopping around the holidays brings out the impulse buyer in all of us. We let our emotions justify purchases that we might not be able to afford, thus raising our debt rate and creating more bills later.

Car buyers fall into this category because they don’t take into account higher insurance rates, higher license plate fees, and sometimes higher maintenance expenses that come with a newer car. Before you make the purchase, know your financial standing and do your research on the car you want so you know what will be a good fit.

A car is a big investment, and shopping strategically will help holiday shoppers hone in on the best deal for their situation. If you are considering investing in a new car this holiday season, be sure to plan way ahead and know what you can and can’t afford. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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