Tips for Driving in Summer Storms

Tips for Driving in Summer Storms

Although Colorado has a beautiful climate and generally good weather, we all know it can change in an instant. From blizzards in April to record-breaking high temperatures in the winter, there’s no predicting what you might encounter. Here are a few safety tips for all kinds of summer weather you might encounter.


If it’s raining heavily, visibility on the road might be low. This is especially true at twilight or nighttime. Additionally, pouring rain may cause flash flooding in low areas that could be dangerous to you and your vehicle.
If you find yourself in a downpour, slow down, turn on your lights, and never follow too close. Use good judgment and pull over if the storm becomes too much for you to safely navigate. You should also periodically check your wiper blades to ensure they’re working well enough to help you see during storms.


The biggest insurance claim in the US is hail damage. Hail can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior, and can be dangerous for you if you’re driving. Naturally, the best thing to do in a hailstorm is to pull over under shelter and wait it out. But if you’re on a long stretch of highway and this is not possible, pull over where it is safe, turn your hazards on and keep your head down and your back to the windows of the vehicle.


Driving during thunderstorms can be terrifying, but cars are actually relatively safe places to be. If you’re driving through severe lightning and thunder, pull over, turn off the vehicle, and do not touch anything metal in the car. It’s best to find a sheltered area, but again if you’re in the middle of nowhere, pull over and turn your hazards on until the storm passes.


Never try to outdrive a tornado. If you’re on the road during the most severe of summer storms, pull over immediately and seek indoor shelter. If shelter is not available, pull off the road in a safe spot. Avoid parking near bridges or tunnels. The most destructive part of a tornado is the debris that gets picked up and hurled around, so it’s best to find an open area. Keep your head down and away from the glass windows. If you keep a blanket in the car, cover your head and body to protect it from broken glass and debris.

Hopefully you won’t encounter any adverse conditions this summer on the road, but if you do always remember safety first. Drive attentively, plan ahead, and be prepared for anything. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto, drive safely out there!

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