Tips on Towing Watercraft This Summer

Tips on Towing Watercraft This Summer

When those hot summer days hit, few things beat being on the water. Colorado has an abundance of lakes, reservoirs, and rivers perfect for recreational activities, or maybe you’re traveling out of state to explore. Whether you own your own boat or are planning on renting jet skis or other watercraft, check out these tips on safely attaching, hauling and launching watercraft.

Know Your Limits

Knowing how much your particular vehicle can tow is the first step to successfully trailering boats. Generally, this information is listed on your car door panel or in your manual. You can also google search for specific towing tips for your vehicle. In addition, you’ll want to be sure your trailer hitch and any attachment equipment is properly installed and safe for use with your car.

Fill & Check Tires

Ensuring your vehicle’s tires have adequate air and tread is essential for getting good mileage and safely transporting heavy equipment. Do a tire check on both your vehicle and your trailer or boat before you hit the road.

Check Lights

Making sure your trailer’s lights are properly working is a must to ensure everyone is safe on the road. Check brake lights, blinkers, and running lights on both your vehicle and trailer. This is also a good time to make sure your mirrors are correctly positioned so you can see with the boat or trailer behind you.

Secure Watercraft

Before you set out, make sure any accessories in the boat, such as life vests, coolers, clothing or fishing gear are put away safely and secured. Also try to evenly distribute weight in the boat so the trailer doesn’t sway.

Know the Environmental Laws

If you boat regularly, you are probably already aware of keeping your boat clean when going from lake to lake. Invasive species like zebra muscles stow away on watercraft and can cause huge problems to ecosystems when introduced to new waters. Make sure you clean your water equipment and know the rules of the lakes and reservoirs you visit.

No matter where you end up this summer, stay safe on the road and in the water by taking the time to do these basic checks. Not only is it courteous to others, but it will also ensure you, your watercraft, and your vehicle stay functioning for a fun-filled summer. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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