Top Insurance Discounts

Top Insurance Discounts

Everyone wants to save a little on car insurance, but many don’t know all the options that are available to them. Did you know good students can save as much as 16 percent? Or that some companies will actually reward you for how you drive? Here are a few amazing insurance discounts to ask your agent about.

Safe Driving Discounts

Many major insurance companies offer discounts on insurance for safe drivers. While some companies like Allstate reward for length of time with no accidents, other companies will give you a discount on your policy if you take a defensive driving course. There are no age restrictions for these courses, so check if your carrier has any deals.

Good Student Discounts

This is a good one for parents of young drivers. If your child has a good academic record when they turn 16, they may be eligible for a discount on their insurance. State Farm and Progressive are among the big names that offer this discount.

Bundle Discounts

If you’re a homeowner, bundling your home and auto insurance will save you money. Additionally, bundling is an option for multi-vehicle families and drivers who also need to insure boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Talk to an agent to see what options are available to you.

Military & Employment Discounts

Military members are almost always eligible for a discount on auto insurance. In addition, some companies have deals with insurance providers that save their employees money. Do some research to see if you or a member of your family qualifies for any of these.

Tracker Discounts

The latest trend in insurance discounting are tracking apps that monitor driving and discount based on performance. These apps use the vehicle’s location, speed data, and more to analyze a driver’s habits. Though these companies offer discounts for drivers that use these features, they aren’t for everyone. Talk to an agent before signing up for any kind of tracking technology.

Auto insurance doesn’t have to be expensive. Safe driving almost always pays, so the number one money-saver is defensive, mindful driving. Additional discounts are also available if you know where to look! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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