Should I Wash My Car During Winter?

Should I Wash My Car During Winter?

Should I be washing my car during winter? It’s a valid question. When you think about it, it seems like the extra precipitation (especially in the form of heavy snow) would be a great excuse to just let nature clean your car! However, the actual answer to this question is “yes.” Yes, you really do have to wash your car in winter.

Before we get into the nitty gritty (and they are) facts behind your car and this particular season, let’s take a moment to talk about the importance of washing your car during any season …

First of all, there are some pretty gnarly particles and bits of debris on the road and in the air that will eventually settle onto the surface of your car. While this may not seem like such a big deal (because really, what’s the harm in a little dust?), all of that dust, debris, dirt, bug parts, tree sap, etc. will eventually attack the integrity of the wax on top of your car paint.

Without the protection of wax, your paint is more prone to chips, rust, and subsequent weakening of the metal below once these issues make their way past the paint. In addition, like most things exposed to too many UV rays, car paint without a protective coat of wax is more likely to fade and become damaged.

That brings us to winter car care.

Unfortunately, an increase in moisture can mean not-so-good things for your vehicle. Think about it: what happens to most metal when it is exposed to constant moisture for long periods of time? That’s right … rust. Especially if you park your car outside, snow and ice can remain caked in your wheel wells for hours (or days) on end. Any rust is bad rust because it will weaken the metal on the affected part of your vehicle.

Furthermore, just because there is more snow along the side of the road, that doesn’t mean that the car paint irritants have disappeared. The heavy snow can actually transfer bigger dirt particles, not to mention damaging salt that has been scattered to melt the ice on the roads. The resulting sludge that freezes to your vehicle is not helpful, to say the least, and do you really want all that grit scraping against your windshield every time you turn on your wipers?

When it comes to washing your car, common sense is a perfectly fine measuring tool. If it’s been a couple weeks and it’s looking dingy, or has been battling significant amounts of snow, it’s probably time for a wash. Just remember to clean it with warm water, use soap specifically designed for cars, and make sure you avoid washing when the temperature is below freezing. The last thing you want is for a thin sheet of ice to encase your car after washing.

Keep your car and your family happy and healthy this winter and from all of us at Quick-Set Auto Glass, stay safe out there!

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