Weird Things You Can Get A Ticket For

Weird Things You Can Get A Ticket For

Speeding, aggressive driving, running a red light… these are all familiar offenses that carry heavy fines, but they aren’t the only ones. In South Carolina, you can get a ticket for having a messy car. In Kansas, it’s unlawful to transport dead poultry in your vehicle. Read on for some more odd ways to get a ticket.

1. Passing a Cop Car

If you pass a police vehicle, chances are you’re going faster than the speed limit. Unless the cop car is going slow, try to follow their speed and avoid passing unless you absolutely have to. If you do pass, don’t forget to signal!

2. Going Too Slow

We all know we can only go so fast when driving, but did you know minimum speed limits exist as well? Driving too slow is not only a danger to safety but clogs up traffic on busy roads and creates problems just like speeding can. Try to keep up with the limit and if you are going to go slower, turn on your hazards.

3. Rearview Mirror Decorations

In Colorado and California, it’s illegal to hang large items from your rearview mirror. Though this one is not harshly enforced, play it safe and don’t hang anything that could be deemed as obstructing from your rearview.

4. Not Wearing Your Seatbelt Properly

Click-it or ticket is the motto in most states, but did you know you can still get a ticket even if you’re wearing your belt? Seatbelts must be worn properly during travel. This means no tucking it under your arm or twisting it around your lap. You also must have the belt secured (or “clicked”).

5. Driving a Beater

While it’s not illegal to drive a car with some visible damage, driving one that’s just not road-safe will get you pulled over. Taped up head or taillights, cracked windows, hanging bumpers and extensive rust damage are all red flags for cops because it means your car isn’t safe for you or others.

Every state has different laws and regulations for drivers, and though some are totally outlandish, most come with good reason. Always be aware of state-by-state regulations, and use a little common sense to avoid hefty tickets for rules you weren’t even aware of. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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