Why Snow Tires are Important

Why Snow Tires are Important

It’s that time again! Winter in Colorado often brings rain, ice, and lots of snow. This can be a huge source of stress for any driver. But, since staying home whenever bad conditions exist usually isn’t an option, drivers have to adapt to unfavorable weather. One of the best ways to do this is to use snow tires. Snow tires essentially have more tread, which helps cars move over ice and snow more safely. If you’re wondering if snow tires are right for your vehicle, read on!

Snow tires are essential for smaller cars that don’t have adequate weight to support them in icy conditions, but they’re also effective for larger vehicles. Snow tires are made with more rubber and silica than normal tires, which means they stay softer in icy conditions. They also have deeper ridges which help to create friction on ice and snow. Some snow tires even have metal studs that dig into the ice and prevent hydroplaning. 

Interestingly, every state has different rules for the use of studded snow tires. Colorado allows for unrestricted snow tire use, meaning you can use your studded snow tires on any road at any time. Other states like Alabama and Florida have seasonal restricted use, and Hawaii and Mississippi prohibit the use of studded snow tires at all times.

If you’re considering switching to snow tires this winter, talk to a tire dealer about what would be right for your vehicle. It’s best to change your tires before the first major snow, that way you will be ready when that Colorado snow flies! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto, drive safely out there!

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