3 Ways You Can Use Your Car in an Emergency

3 Ways You Can Use Your Car in an Emergency

Vehicles are many things: they’re transportation, an expression of our personality, and even status symbols. But cars can also be lifesavers. Read on for 3 ways you can use your vehicle in an emergency situation.


Here in Colorado, the weather can change in an instant. From freezing temperatures and snow to sweltering highs and dangerous thunderstorms, we never know what we’re in for one day to the next. If you ever find yourself stranded in adverse conditions, your vehicle can provide an essential shelter while you wait for help. Should you ever need to make use of your car, make sure you’re prepared by stocking blankets, water bottles, and a food supply in the trunk.

A Call for Help

Most car key fobs come with a “panic button” feature. This isn’t just for when you forget where you park; the panic button alerts people nearby to a potentially dangerous situation. This feature can be especially helpful for women traveling alone, drivers who have to park in dangerous neighborhoods, and for people who notice individuals trying to break into their vehicles.

GPS and Wi-Fi Capabilities

If you find yourself in an emergency situation in an area with little or no cell phone service and your vehicle is equipped with wi-fi, the ability to connect to the outside world can be a lifesaver. An internet connection is essential for calling for help, and can also assist you with GPS navigation. Just be sure you know how your vehicle’s wireless network functions as well as how to set it up and access it. (Remember your password!)

In addition to the above tips, consider stocking your vehicle with essentials for any occasion, including a first-aid kit, seatbelt cutter, flashlights, and portable chargers. Sometimes the difference between life and death can be as simple as planning ahead. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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