4 Mistakes You're Making at the Gas Station

4 Mistakes You're Making at the Gas Station

Weekly trips to the gas station are part of everyone’s routine. Most of the time, we don’t even really think about it; we have our favorite spot and fill up on the way to or from work. It becomes so habitual we don’t realize we could be making mistakes that waste time and money. Here are a few common gas station mistakes and how to avoid them.

Going Inside to Pay

Paying at the pump with a card can actually be money-saving. When you go inside to pay for your gas, you’re more likely to purchase impulse items like soda or candy. Not only are these items more pricey at gas stations, but they’re also unhealthy choices you’re better off not making. Avoid the temptation by paying at the pump, or only paying for the amount of gas you need in advance.

Forgetting Windows & Tires

The gas station is a great place to check your tire pressure and clean dirt off your windows and windshield. Try to allow yourself extra time when you gas up for these simple tasks. It’s also a great time to throw away any trash that has been building up in your vehicle. If your gas station has a car wash, take advantage of the convenience to keep your car’s exterior looking great.

Not Using Rewards

Most major gas station chains offer fuel rewards points. Sometimes these coincide with grocery stores. If you gas up frequently or commute a long way, you’ll want to be cashing in on fuel rewards. Check with your local gas station to see how to earn, as well as how much you could save per gallon.

Buying the Wrong Gas

Each vehicle requires a different level of octane fuel. Your vehicle’s requirements are marked either inside your gas cap or in your user manual. Buying the right gas is not only important price-wise, but it helps your engine run more smoothly and avoids burning fuel quicker which results in more trips to the gas station. Always buy the right gas for your car, and never pay extra premium unless your car specifically needs it.

Being conscious at the gas station will not only save you time and money, but it’s also better for your car. Remember these helpful tips next time you stop to gas up. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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