6 Road Trip Games That Are Fun For Everyone!

6 Road Trip Games That Are Fun For Everyone!

Road trips can be so exciting … until you’ve been on the road for a few hours, people are bored and cranky, and the next rest stop cannot come soon enough.

So, why not get everybody off their phones and throw some fun road trip games into the mix?

We have compiled a list of 6 road trip games that can be tailored to fit any passenger audience (because why should kids have all the fun?) and are sure to turn those long hours in the car into fond and fantastic memories!


Road Trip Bingo

Like regular bingo, but without the bingo balls! The great part about this kind of bingo is that you can be really creative with the squares. If you already know some of the unique landmarks that will be on the route, you can include those, or you can fill them in with other things that are common along highways (certain restaurants, gas stations, wildlife, etc.). Furthermore, if you like the idea of road trip bingo but would rather not come up with the blanks, there are plenty of printable sheets online!


“Would You Rather …”

This is an oldie but goodie, and can also be tailored to fit the particular audience in the car. You can start out easy to get everyone involved (“Would you rather drive a bus or a dump truck?”), then move up to more difficult ones (“Would you rather eat pizza for every meal, or never be able to eat it again?”) as the car occupants get more into the game. Stumped? There are plenty of lists to get you started online, as well—just make sure you specify the age group!



Telling stories can be especially fun when everyone helps out! There are several ways you can start—someone could draw a topic (or picture) out of a hat, everyone could make suggestions based on things they see out the window, each round could have a designated “topic-picker” … the possibilities are endless! If you’re writing the stories down (rather than telling them out loud), give everyone their own piece of paper and have them write an introduction, then pass it to the person next to them (just be sure to keep the direction consistent). By the end of the game, you will have as many stories as people and chances are, they will be pretty funny!


I Spy (DIY Edition)

While the classic “I spy, with my little eye …” is always fun, another version is to give everyone a clear container with sand (or beads) in it, as well as tiny objects that they have to find—without opening the lid! Not only is this fun for the person searching, but also for the person who puts the games together! Think about objects like buttons, tiny toys, miniatures that go in doll houses—just have fun and be creative! Then, give everyone a list of objects they must find in their container and let the fun begin! (A bonus here is that if every container is different, people can trade after they are done, making the game last much longer!)


Mad Libs

Mad Libs are always a crowd-pleaser because they’re easy, quick, and so much funny! Many grocery stores or bookstores carry already-written books of Mad Libs, but you can also create your own! Get everyone in the car involved, either by helping to fill in blanks or taking turns being the writer. The sillier, the better for this game!


“Sorry I’m Late …”

For this entertaining guessing game, each player takes a turn making up an elaborate excuse as to why they are supposedly “late.” The catch is that every excuse is actually the veiled plot to a movie or TV show, which the rest of the car then must guess. For example, “Sorry I’m late—I just moved here from out of the country and made some cool, outcast-type friends, but then fell in with a crowd of popular girls, instead. They think I spell my name weird and get mad at me if I wear the wrong color on Wednesdays.” (… Mean Girls!)

The best part of the trip doesn’t always have to be the destination—in fact, a lot of people would tell you that it’s also about the journey!

So, shine up those windshields (go for maximum visibility!), get on the road, and start having the time of your life!

From all of us at Quick-Set, drive safely out there!

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