How to Travel Safely During COVID-19

How to Travel Safely During COVID-19

With summer just around the corner, many people are thinking about seasonal travel. However, in our new COVID-19 world, traveling is not encouraged. Airline travel is strongly discouraged, but what about road trips? Traveling by car during the summer is a tradition, and though a lot of people will likely be canceling larger road trips, they may still be considering shorter excursions. How do you travel safely during COVID-19? Here are a few tips.

Pack a Car Kit

Before you do anything else, ensure your car is stocked with masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, and plenty of bottled water. You might also include a first-aid kit for unforeseen emergencies. The more you put in your car ahead of time, the less likely you have to go into a store along the way.

Limit Your Stops

Try to limit the number of rest stops or pit stops you make along the way by packing plenty of snacks and meals in the vehicle. Bring a cooler and stock beverages so you’re less likely to go into a gas station. When you do stop for gas, bathroom breaks, or anything else, wear a mask, use gloves, keep your distance from others, and don’t linger.

Know Your Destination

Have a travel plan before you set out. This is not the year for spontaneous road trips. We all have to work together to ensure we’re keeping ourselves and others safe. If you do travel, have a definite plan and stick to it. Do some research on your destination to ensure you’re not traveling to a virus hot spot or putting at-risk individuals more at risk.

Social Distance Always

With the national parks opening and the weather improving, lots of people will spend their summer trips at these outdoor destinations. Even if you’re outside, don’t forget to socially distance. Give others their space and stay patient. Wear masks if you’re near others, and always wash your hands after touching high-contact areas like restroom handles and parking kiosks.

Know the Rules

Every state has different regulations for handling COVID-19. Research your destination and ensure you’re following regulations. From required facial coverings to strict lockdown policies, knowing how to cooperate will help you keep yourself and others safe.

With patience, cooperation, and caution, we can all work together to enjoy the summer while staying safe. The key is to be mindful and to never take unnecessary risks. If you can postpone your trip for safer times, do so. If you do end up traveling, always take precautions. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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