Tips for Car Camping

Tips for Car Camping

Want to enjoy the outdoors overnight without the hassle of pitching a tent? Try camping out in your car! Here are a few tips for car camp-outs, including what to bring, where to park, and how to stay safe.

1. Park Legally (and Safely)

Before you park for the night, make sure you’re vehicle is located in a legally designated parking area. If you’re in a National Park, ensure that you’re in the right area for overnight stays. If you’re stopping somewhere along your journey, be sure that you’re out of the way of other vehicles and in a safe location. Not sure where you can park? Check out for campsite listings.

2. Know How to Make Your Bed

Nothing will ruin your camping trip quicker than a sore back from sleeping awkwardly in the car. Before you even set out on your trip, figure out how to set up a comfortable bed in the back of your vehicle. Typically, the best way to sleep is with your head positioned towards the front of the car. Pack squishy sleeping bags, pillows and extra blankets so you’ll have plenty of cushioning.

3. Pack Food

Don’t forget to leave room in your vehicle for a stock of food. Having a cooler is always a good idea. Additionally, pack plenty of dry goods so you have snacks for activities like hiking. If you’re going to camp out near drinking water, be sure to bring water bottles to fill. Otherwise, make sure you pack plenty of bottled water so you don’t run out.

4. Keep Your Phone Handy

Though car camping is typically safe if you’re in the right area, you’ll always want to have your phone charged and handy in case of emergency. Let friends or family know your plans as well. If you don’t already have a car charger, this is a good time to buy one. You can also pick up solar phone chargers if you’re going to be in a sunny area during the day.

5. Stay Safe

Lock your car at night, know if there are animals in the area, and be sure you have plenty of gas and that your car is in working order. Also, be sure you bring battery operated lights, flashlights, or lanterns so you don’t drain your car battery by using the overhead lights. Taking these steps before you leave will help you be more prepared for any occurrence.

With a little careful planning and some ambition and excitement, car camping can be a rewarding summer experience for anyone! Just be sure to stay safe and above all, have fun! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there.

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