Tips for Tailgating During COVID

Tips for Tailgating During COVID

Football season is right around the corner but will look a little different this year. Just because you can’t attend football games in person this season doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy tailgating! Here are a few tips for fun and safe at-home tailgate parties.

1. Distance

It’s important to keep a distance while tailgating, but luckily it’s easy to do so. Invite your friends to join with their own vehicle. If you have a large driveway or garage, set up there, if not you can always find a public parking lot or park.

2. Keep it Small

Large get-togethers are still considered risky, so try to keep your invites to a minimum. Gather with a few close friends and set up in a safe location where you can grill, play music, or put up your team swag.

3. Sanitize

When tailgating, we don’t think much about stopping to wash our hands before eating or handling food. Try to plan ahead and bring sanitizer or hand wipes for everyone. If you plan to share food, use gloves, utensils, and disposable plates and silverware.

4. Plan Ahead

Make sure you have all your supplies ready to go for a successful tailgate. Coolers, drinks, food, chairs, and decorations are all things to consider, but also bring along a mask in case you have to go inside a public place.

Though COVID restrictions have changed the way we live and play, there are still a lot of ways to have fun during the pandemic. Above all, know the regulations about public spaces and be considerate of others around you. From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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