Tips for a Teen Driver

Tips for a Teen Driver

Parents celebrate many many momentous occasions in their children’s lives, but none are quite as nerve-wracking as their first car. When it comes to teenagers and driving, there are many concerns that parents share. From vehicle safety to good driving practices, here are a few helpful tips for parents of teenage drivers.

Eliminate Distractions

Let’s get the obvious out of the way: NO TEXTING AND DRIVING. Make sure your kids know that being on their phone is never ok while driving. Talk to them about being responsible behind the wheel and waiting to respond to texts and calls until they’re off the road. Additionally, talk to them about being mindful of other potential distractions in the car, including music, friends, and food.

Prepare for Emergencies

Before your child sets out on their own, be sure they’re ready for any potential emergency. Teach them how to change their tires and what to do if they have a problem with their vehicle. Be sure they know where to find their insurance information, and equip them with an emergency kit in the event of a breakdown.

Accompany Them

It’s helpful for parents and teenagers both to drive together for the first few weeks. This way, parents can gently critique and offer tips to their teens, and teens can ask questions and feel more confident when driving with their parents. If your child is ok with you tagging along once in a while, this can be a helpful way to get them off to a great start.

Reward Them for Good Driving

Some insurance companies offer incentives for teenagers who drive safely and carefully. Check with your insurance company for good driving perks, or make some of your own. For example, if your teen goes a full year without a ticket or accident, maybe the family can talk about them getting their first car.

Consider Conditions

When teens are first starting out, you might think about limiting nighttime driving, driving during bad weather, driving on fast highways, and driving with lots of friends in the car. Consider their skill-levels and set guidelines accordingly for their first few months.

Above all, safety and communication is key for teen driving. Be sure they’re checking in with you when they’re driving alone, and that they understand the importance of safe driving. We hope these tips give you some guidance, but it’s important to work with your child to determine a set of guidelines that works for both of you. Getting them started with good habits right off the bat is the first step! From all of us here at Quick-Set Auto Glass, drive safely out there!

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